Somali Open Data

Data, Information and Insights about Somalia Somali Open Data Portal is a single online point of access to a wide range of data about Somalia and the Somali people-. The portal is a user friendly platform that allows for visualizations, data downloads and easy access to summarized information and insights.


Open, transparent and stable society


To promote transparency & accountability by offering citizens and public agencies data and insights to improve access to services, public trust and citizen participation.


Promote transparency & accountability
Boost economic growth and employment
Improve the delivery of public services


Objectives Offer citizens insights into how NGOs and government agencies work improving public trust, access to services and boosting political engagement;
Empower the public about government and NGO spending and performance to pursue accountability and transparency and combat corruption and waste among officials;
Help NGO’s and government agencies to make public services more effective and efficient;
Drive economic growth by revealing opportunities for businesses and startups to build new services and products.