2016 - 2018 Humanitarian Strategy



The complex, inter-linked and multi-dimensional humanitarian challenges in Somalia requires correspondingly complex solutions, from a development and a humanitarian perspective. The three-year humanitarian strategy for Somalia for 2016 to 2018 will aim to lead to significant long-term reductions in the level of humanitarian need in Somalia. Whilst entirely humanitarian in scope, the strategy will link with other statebuilding and development-focused activities in order to address many of the underlying causes of recurrent humanitarian crisis in Somalia and to strengthen the resilience of Somali people and communities to prepare, respond and recover from future crises. The overarching three-year humanitarian strategy will achieve the following:


• Less people in need of life-saving humanitarian assistance and protection in particular those in ‘emergency’ and ‘crisis’ situations, through the efficient and effective delivery of timely, well targeted support and services where needed and in line with people’s needs.

• Malnutrition rates less than emergency threshold of 15 per cent in any Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) settlement/community anywhere in Somalia through a coordinated, multi-cluster approach.

• Basic social services, including education, health, nutrition and WASH delivered to vulnerable people when needed, where needed and at scale.

• Strengthened humanitarian protection services by preventing and responding to pervasive protection violations against minorities, IDPs, and other vulnerable civilians, and with a gender sensitive approach, including increased advocacy.

• Enhanced household resilience to conflict and sudden and slow-onset natural disasters through the long-term provision of sustainable livelihood support and basic services, in a community-based approach.

• Strengthened linkages and complementarity between humanitarian and development programmes and activities in order to catalyse durable solutions to displacement, recurrent protection violations and to address the underlying causes of hunger throughout Somalia.

• Improved preparedness and response to conflict and natural disasters through enhanced early warning and early action mechanisms.

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